Sunday, December 25, 2016

Not Drinking Enough Water Has 8 Negative Effects On Our Health!


How long can you survive without drink?

Not long although we can manage without food for anything from a week to around a month, not drinking enough water will negatively affect your health after just one day.

However, most people undervalue the importance of water. 

In fact, two-thirds of your body is made up of water, so even becoming slightly dehydrated will bring about noticeable health changes.

Water is the most valuable life support product for our health, right up there with oxygen. 

Water and oxygen are the only two things in life that without for just a short period of time we would die.

Do have any idea what happens when our body lack of water? Here we look at some of the negative effects of not drinking enough water.

We Listed Below The Top 8 Negative Effects of Not Drinking Enough Water:

1. Blood-curdling 
- Our blood need a lot of water to melt well. When we are hydrate well then our blood 92% consist of water. But if the lack of water, then the blood will tend to coagulate, it is possible for someone get high blood pressure.

2. Cause constipation 
- Another negative effect is constipation. When the fluid in the body decreases, then the food will move slowly in the gut to reach the large intestine. Things like this can result in digestive problems.

3. Effect on internal disease 
- Lack of water also have an effect on internal disease, such as ulcers, gastritis, and heartburn. Lack of water leads to a deficiency of calcium and magnesium, which is needed to keep the body from digestive problems such as ulcers, and others.

4. Enzymes in body slows down
-  When you do not drink enough water, usually the activity of enzymes in the body slows down and causes fatigue occurs rapidly. Thus, it is necessary to incorporate a lot of body fluids, especially water.

5. Fail to excrete toxins 
- Dehydration or lack of water can affect the body in many ways. One of them is body fail to excrete toxins effectively. It can cause skin wrinkling and spots appear.

6. Increase Cholesterol 
- When the body is not enough water it will produce more cholesterol because the body tries to maintain water in the cell.

7. Difficult to dispose of waste properly 

When the body is deprived of water, the body will be difficult to dispose of waste properly. Consequently, the body becomes a pile of toxins and bacteria. As a result, health problems soon followed such as inflammation, renal disease, and pain.

8. Respiratory problems 
- When the body is not getting enough water then air channels will be limited. This is a cause of respiratory problems and allergies. These are some negative effects of not drinking enough water.

From now insufficient the need to water so that all the body’s performance can take place properly and health is maintained.

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