Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This 2017 Have Lucky 12 Round Fruits That Will Prosper You In The New Year!


People say gathering twelve round fruits on the eve of a new year ushers in prosperity and good fortune.

On the last day of this wonderful year, a beautiful bowl of fruits adorns our kitchen table.

New Years is often thought of as a time for renewed hope, and to focus on new goals and opportunities.

It is is believe one for each month of the incoming year, which are believed to bring happiness, money and good health. 

Many cultures believe the key to a Happy New Year is beginning with New Years lucky circular fruits.

In this article we will share about the round fruits or all the circular fruits I could think of.

After Christmas, all the attention and preparation would be towards the coming New Year, the second biggest celebrated holiday in the country.

Part of our Filipino tradition on New Year's eve is to come up with 12 round fruits.

Listed below are some of the circular fruits that brings luck to your family:

1. Cherries - in their vibrant color red, in some cultures such as Chinese, it is the color of good luck and joy.

2. Apples - the most common fruits available all year round, the Chinese word for apple is “ping,” which means “harmony.”

3. Grapes - represents luxury as these are traditionally eaten by royalty.

4. Guava - some guavas can be oval in shape, but to add guava fruit to your 12 circular fruits brings luck and good health.

5. Lanzones - this fruits come in clusters and a delicious treat on the table that brings good heralth and joy.

6. Lychee - it's round, red body stands for happiness and good fortune.

7. Pomelo – it's bright red or pink pulp represents good health and luck to the family.

8. Plums - this fruit is juicy that helps you live healthier as the fruit is a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

9. Velvet Apples - they are related to persimmon as the fruit is also from the genus Diospyrus.

10. Lemon - it's fragrance and essence is known to cleanse and remove negative vibes.

11. Orange - represents gold in Chinese tradition. Its round shape signifies money.

12. Watermelon - this juicy fruit is a good source of vitamin C that brings luck to the family and gives healthy body.

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Source: Holidappy